iCure Data Model

Data within the iCure ecosystem are managed according to the iCure Data Model, a physical data model optimized for data integrity, anonymization and encryption, that is compatible with higher level Medical Data conceptual Data Models such as Open EHR and FHIR. At the same time, assumptions are being made for common features of Logical Models used in Healthcare, so that the physical model is impervious to conflicts at implementation.

The iCure Data Model has been designed to facilitate the systematic collection of organized data from a wide range of health provider points. It is an HL7 based model that has been designed to achieve optimal performance of the Medical Data Storage. It organizes data, so that identifiable data can be encrypted and other data can remain unencrypted for Business Intelligence purposes. Encryption is maintained throughout the whole Data Cycle on the designated data and also maintained, when data is being exchanged through connectors.

It is in its core compatible with the SNOMED CT and ICPC-2 Terminologies as well as the ICD-10, LOINC and ATC classifications. It also enables by default partial encryption for allowing the application of Business Intelligence analytics while maintaining the necessary privacy. It is optimized for efficient use in a distributed environment along several user groups.

Data Anonymization

The iCure Data Model is optimized for implementing and handling

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