Business intelligence

Big Data is useless without Big Understanding.

The use of analytics in the delivery of healthcare services has been increasing. It can be used for determining the overall quality of service, by tracking simple metrics such as Hospital acquired infections (nosocomial), towards more complicated, such as rates of re-admission.

To achieve the creation of meaningful metrics and Key Performance Indicator data needs to be systematically exported and tracked. This presents a compliance challenge in itself, as sensitive data are easy to be mishandled, if they exit the hospital security perimeter.

iCure solution

iCure addresses the issue through data anonymization by design. Anonymized Data are most suitable for this purpose, as they prevent privacy breaches, without implementing case-by-case policies.

This way access can be granted to internal or external analysts or software, that will enable the monitoring of healthcare outcomes at a business unit level.

Auditing / Troubleshooting anonymized data

iCure also provides unrestricted access to third parties, that need access to internal transactions for reasons of Auditing or Troubleshooting. ATNA Audit Records refer to encrypted transactions, that can be traced back to their point of origin, but at the same time remain obscure for the external person or even the iCure installation owner. The same for a central Helpdesk service that can trace activity but cannot have access to the data.

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